Let’s Get Healthier – Competition

Hi there,

Do you LOOOOVE sport… Like being creative… Would like to win sports equipment for the school… Well, here’s your chance. Create a poster to try to get everyone more active and moving and we can win sports equipment for the school (it’s the same competition that the Eco Warriors won the scooter for the other year). It can be a ‘normal’ card poster – or Y5 and 6 could design a digital one if they want and add it to the ‘WORK FOR THE BLOG’ folder in Google Drive. Don’t forget to be persuasive! Hand posters into your teacher and they will pass them on to us. It has to be done by the 30th of January.


Good luck!!!



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  1. Paula 5C

    Thank you Mr . Fraser . I really love sports🙂

  2. Aaden 6A

    Thanks for the info! 🙂

    • caxtoncollege

      You are welcome Aaden – I see you have added one to the Google Drive folder. Well done and good luck!

  3. Emma 5c

    I like the idea.

    • caxtoncollege

      Me too. Last year I have done so much more exercise than previously and feel absolutely great for doing it!

  4. Alex 5A🦔🐾

    Hi there! Marta, Teresa and me are participating in the sport competition! We would never give up!

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