What does friendship mean to you? Let me know your thoughts. Well done in the assembly by the way. I will share the videos on her soon.


Thoughtful Thursdays…




  1. I think that friendship is a very important thing because I think this is nice.

  2. Teresa😜

    Yes, friendship is really important for everybody and we shouldn’t let anyone down even if they are not our friend …..!

  3. Kaiyuan 5C

    I think friends inspires you all the things they know.

  4. Martín

    My friends make me laugh.

  5. Natalia

    My friends make me smile because the are always positive.

  6. Olivia t

    It’s super nice!!!

  7. Niya

    My friend always inspires me and she is very kind and whenever I am sad 😢 she asks what happened and she always makes my day brighter 🐰🐉🦜💐

  8. Valeria

    I think kindnesss is very important because i you are not kind you will not have friends

    • caxtoncollege

      That’s true Valeria. We all need to be as kind as we possibly can. Thanks for your comment.

  9. Sara

    Kindness is amazing! You should be kind even if they are not your friends 😃

  10. Mariia 5-A

    In my opinion friendship is wonderful because it is all about:
    Kindness,thoughts,respect,trust…and more
    I think that all human being have a lot of kindness in the bottom of their heart and that just have to believe in it and take it out!

    • caxtoncollege

      Mariia – that is the best comment I’ve read in years! It is so true. Thank you for filling my bucket to the very top!

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