Christmas Saxomachine Fun

Hi there, here is a bit of fun from Mr Taylor. Watch it and maybe see if you can answer any of the questions from his quiz below.

1. How many instruments can you hear?
2. Can you name them all?
3. What genre of music is this?
4. What type of saxophone am I playing?
5. Name another saxophonist?
6. Favorite Christmas song?
7. Worst Christmas song?
8. Who sang the original song?
Mr T


Delightful Decorations!!!


Cracking Christmas Advertisements Pt 1


  1. Olivia t

    It’s cool and it’s Mister Taylor!

  2. Olivia t

    It’s nice 👍

  3. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

  4. Kaiyuan

    Well, I don’t know nothing about this.

  5. Niya

    My favorite Christmas song is um 😐 errr probably “Santa tell me” but I’m honestly not sure 🤔

  6. Alba A

    Hello,I have researched who sang the original song and I think it was Gene Autry and his band called Cass County Boys.

  7. My favourite Christmas song is Jingle bells, Santa bring me a dinosaur and All I want for Christmas is you but I think it’s called Santa tell me. I wish you a merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!

  8. Alejandro s

    It is very cool.

  9. Alejandro

    It is very cool.

  10. Carlos

    It was very good👌👌💯

  11. Beltrán

    It was beautiful.

  12. Juan E

    I liked a lot the music thank you.

  13. Carlos

    Merry Christmas

  14. ArturoC

    I think It’s a great great idea to do this because We now have something to do at home

  15. Beltrán

    Merry Christmas hahaha⛷🏂☔️⛄️🌬💨🌨🌩⛈❄️☃️

  16. Lucia B

    My fave Christmas song is jingle bell rock and my least fav song is Santa tell me because I don’t like Ariana Grande!

    • caxtoncollege

      Jingle Bell rock is very upbeat and groovy. I’m not very keen on Ariana Grande too, but maybe that’s because I’m old 🙂

  17. Camelia C

    I love the song frosty the snowman

  18. Lucia B

    Merry Christmas to all 🎄🎄🎁🎁 have a great Christmas and stay safe

  19. Alina-5c

    I liked the song! It is very cool!👍🏻

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