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World Environment Day

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow is World Environment Day and Ms Robleh has made some fantastic videos and activities for it, so make sure you check the blog tomorrow and ask your teacher about it (tomorrow please – not today). We can make a difference!

Amazing Art Work


I wanted to share Desi’s wonderful work she sent to Mr Pickford, mostly based around the book that they are reading in Y6 – Kensuke’s Kingdom. Please send me any work similar if you¡d like me to post it on the blog.

Writing Challenge


Watch this fun video and maybe write a little story or description about it. Do they seem scared, excited, thrilled…

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 12

Hi – sorry, I forgot to press ‘publish’ on the blog… So, this didn’t get posted yesterday.

Fox, Chicken and Corn Solution

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 11

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 10

Happy Feel Good Friday!!!!!

Flesh-Eating Maggots Ch 9

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