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Lesson 3 – Creating a Target

Lesson 2 – Sprite Moving Around in a Random Way

Week 2 lesson, but everyone should watch it as we will have to work quickly folks!

Importing an Image Updated

Here is the updated version. 6B and 6A don’t need to watch it, however, everyone should watch the next video about getting the sprite to move around in a random way. Remember, we have very little time to create this for the Y2s…

Perfect Pencil Drawings in Y6


What do you think of these wonderful sketches in Y6? I wish I could draw like that…

Y6 Scratch Project


Here is a video explaining what the project is about. You may recognise some of the people in it! It is an old video, but the ideas are the same. I will post the first lesson’s video soon and you must watch it before the lesson next term. We have a very short term, so it is really imported that we all work very hard to get the game completed for the Y2s.

Fantastic 500 Word Challenge!!!

Here is a short video, that Mr Pickford has created, to give you some inspiration to write the best story you have ever written! Thanks Mr Pickford and I can’t wait to read all the creative writing you all produce!

Creating a Score

Y5 Scratch – Creating an Automatic Sprite

Here’s a short video about how to get a sprite to automatically follow your sprite and to add more tension and danger to your game.  Please make sure you have the 2 original sprites moving around perfectly before you try this.

Y5 Scratch – Using a Variable – Adding a Timer

Here’s a video to help you to  you learn how to use a variable.

Earth Hour

Hi all,

So, are you ready to take a challenge and make a promise to help the environment? If we work together, we CAN make a difference. Let us know what you are going to try and do to save our wonderful planet!!!

Here’s the fantastically informative video that our hardworking Eco Warriors created.

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